How to Add an Additional Donor Database for a NEW Campaign

A new campaign might require a different donor database. If your new campaign is targeting a different type of donor, you will want to train the AI to find those types of donors. Uploading a new donor database is required.

1. Go to “Settings” from the top menu bar.

Screenshot 2019-04-26 13.27.37

2. Select “Donor Databases” from the left-hand menu bar.

Screenshot 2019-04-26 13.47.20

3. Click “Add Database.”

Screenshot 2019-04-26 13.47.34

You will then be prompted to upload a .csv file of your choice from you computer.

4. Match the columns of your donor database to the correct category. save your new database.

Screenshot 2019-04-26 13.47.49

This database will now be an option when creating and/or editing campaigns.

*Note, this file must be a .csv file.

**Note, at a MINIMUM, this file must contain First and Last Name, as well as Email Address.

***Note, if you would like to use a generic donor database (supplied by boodle), please contact for support.