boodleAI Client Bill of Rights

The boodleAI team promises to:
  1. Provide documentation and other resources and tools for success.
  2. Create and manage project timeline.
  3. Stick to agreed upon timelines and deadlines.
  4. Deliver agreed upon data.
  5. Keep the customer updated on all project activities and progress.
  6. Arrive to all meetings prepared and with a collaborative spirit.
  7. Respond to all emails within one business day.
  8. Provide a project closeout summary
Your organization promises to: 
  1. Ask questions and seek clarity (note: we may ask for more detail).
  2. Understand the purchased scope of service.
  3. Come to meetings prepared with a collaborative spirit.
  4. Own your data and business processes.
  5. Provide the requested information (data, creatives, etc.) within agreed timeline to ensure the project stays on track.
  6. Communicate issues or changes in a timely manner so they can be addressed quickly.
  7. Stick to agreed upon timelines and deadlines.
  8. Provide a lead point person for the project.