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boodleAI Terms

A quick guide to terms in Guidon.

The Basics

  • Contact List: 

    A set of records uploaded by a user for analysis by Guidon, to get the best result it will include:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    Once the records are uploaded they will go through Identity Resolution and Identity Enrichment.
For more information on Contact Lists: Contact Lists Overview
  • Feature. One of the 1,200 data fields from our third-party data sources - e.g. "voters age".
  • Identity Resolution Matching individuals in the Contact List to multiple databases to give a complete picture of a client/donor 
  • Identity Enrichment Once Identity Resolution for each person on your Contact List Guidon adds 1,200 potential data points of demographic, psychographic, and affinity data to each record. 
  • Persona. A representation of reported data for a Contact List uploaded to Guidon that includes data includes demographic information, financial signals, and interests. 

For more information on Personas: What are Personas?

  • Prospect Insights.  A standardized set of basic and advanced predictions made by Guidon about a Contact List.
    • Prospect Insights Report.  A high-level graphical summary of Prospect Insights. 
    • Prospect Insights Data. A downloadable CSV of the Prospect Insights predictive scores for each record in a Contact List.
For more information on Insights: What are insights?

Basic and Advanced Predictions

  • Using third-party data sources, boodleAI has created a number of pre-built predictive models available for immediate use. These can be applied to a contact list to produce predictions - either basic or advanced.

For more information on Basic Predictions: Basic Predictions 

For more information on Advanced Predictions: Advanced Predictions

    • Predictive Scores.  The score given to a record in a Contact List as a result of applying either Basic or Advanced Predictions. 
    • Basic Predictions include:
      • State Affinity 
      • Gender 
      • Generational Breakdown 
      • Education Level
      • Industry 
      • Responsiveness to Direct Mail, Email, Phone, SMS, and Social. 

For a more in-depth list:  Basic Predictions Library

    • Advanced Predictions include: 
      • Wealth Rating 
      • Giving / Spending Capacity 
      • Preferred Channel 

For more information on how to use predictions: How to use Basic and Advanced Predictions

Custom Predictions

  • Custom Model. A tailored predictive model created by Guidon using customer first-party data combined with third-party data after identity resolution and identity enrichment. This model can be applied to a contact list to produce Custom Predictions
  • Training Dataset. The records that are used to create and test a Custom Model.
    • Positive Training Data. Records that fit the model, that a customer would want to see more of. 
    • Negative Training Data. Records that do not fit and a customer would see less of. 
  • Custom Predictive Scores. The score that is given to a record in a Contact List after applying a custom prediction.
For More information on Custom Predictions: Custom Predictions