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Contact Lists Overview

The key to great data is found in the Contacts Lists.

At first, the Contacts Lists section of Guidon seems a little empty. That all changes with uploading the Contact List. For more details: Importing Your First Contact List.

Contact Lists 

Toggle between Contact Lists and Segment Templates.

Once a contact lists is added to Guidon, you’ll see the list management tools.

  • Starting on the left, the mass selector tool allows mass management of lists.
  • Select all lists using the mass selector or select individual lists to use tagging tool and delete tool:
    •   Tagging Tool: select or add custom tags to organize lists
    •   Trash icon: delete the selected lists. Please note that after deleting a list, it cannot be recovered.
  • To the right side of the tools is a Search bar; use keywords to find a specific list. 
The' Tags' section is to keep the lists organized to the right of the Contact List section.  
    • Add Tag: Select this to create a new tag that can apply to any contact list by clicking the tag button at the bottom of the list.
    • Manage tags: Selecting this opens a side window that can:
      • Search tags
      • Add tags
      • Edit tag name
      • Or delete tags
      To leave the Tag Manager window, click "Close" at the window's top right corner.

Segment Templates

Segments are the tabs at the top of the contact lists. After importing your first contact list, follow along in the Segments article for an in-depth look at using it properly.

Next Step: Now that you have learned about how Guidon stores and manages Contact Lists, let's learn more about the Enriched Reports section.