What are Custom Guidons?

Tailored Predictive Models Created in just a Few Clicks

A Custom Guidon, or model, is a predictive model created using your data combined with third-party data.  For instance, one of the most popular examples of this is our Hidden Gems Guidon. We create these by looking at the donors that exhibit the best giving for your organization and applying their "personality" across the rest of your donor base to see who what other contacts you have that are similar based on a high match confidence.   

It's a lot, we know, but simply put we take snapshot of your best donors and use this like a mirror to look for similar donors traits across all your current contacts. 

Once this Custom Model is created, Guidon verifies its predictive power by using a sample of positive records to see how well the prediction will be across your records. 

An example provided below shows the data for an imported contact list that contains all the essential data and information provided from the customer that includes each contacts largest gift amount.  We only provide results that we have a medium or high confidence in matching and show you their Top Demographics, Financial Signals, and Top Interests.

Once you have reviewed this segment, you can export it into a Dataset by selecting the little drop down arrow to the right of the Segment and selecting Export as a Dataset 

Now you are ready to create your first Guidon. Using this Dataset export, we'll be able to find similar traits from your best donors in the rest of your imported contact list. 


Next Step: To create a custom Guidons navigate to the article: boodleHow: Create Custom Guidons and Predictions