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Enriched Reports Overview

Once the data has been uploaded take the next step with additional reports.

Here's a quick overview of Enriched Reports:

Note: You can request these add-on reports in your account by clicking “request report” on the dashboard, or by going over to the enriched reports section on the left navigation bar . The cost associated with the report is found on the right-hand side. 

  • The first time you navigate to the Enriched Reports Section, you'll see a blank section for Delivered Reports on the left and and a Request a Report section on the right. When you request your first report it will show under Delivered Reports.

  • Listed below is a summary of available reports: 
    • Contact List Enriched Analytics Report: Contact List Enhanced Analytics Report (CLEAR) delivers in-depth analytics on a selected segment of individuals. It is delivered in a PDF format for easy distribution to other key stakeholders. 
    • Historical Enriched Analytics Report: Historical Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) enables analysis of the results and performance of past campaigns in more depth. 
    • Sales Enriched Analytics Report: Sales Enriched Analytics Report (SEAR) combines sales data with Guidon's expansive customer enrichment database to uncover buyer patterns and connect to marketing and sales strategies. 
    • Donations Enriched Analytics Report: A Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR) combines your donation history with Guidon's expansive donor enrichment database to uncover the patterns behind supporters’ activity and behaviors over time.
    • CONTRAST Report: A Contrast Report compares multiple segments across your contact lists as well as the general population to discover the significance between datasets. Easily see how customer or donor insights compare and contrast to understand key leads/prospects. 
    • Commercial Bundles: Our Commercial Optimization Bundles deliver personas and insights in a single comprehensive report to expand and transform your sales expectations. 
    • Nonprofit Bundles: Our Nonprofit Optimization Bundles deliver the donor personas and insights in a single comprehensive report to maximize fundraising efforts.

    Next Step: Now that you have the basic understanding of our Enriched Reports section, go to Guidon Section Overview