Enriched Analytics/Reporting Overview

Work smarter, not harder with boodleAI's enriched analytics reports. Let's go through it together!

Here's a quick overview of the enriched analytics page:

  • You can request reports in your account by clicking “request report” on the dashboard, or by going over to the enriched reports section on the left.
  • When you’re in the enriched reports page, you’ll see a menu of reports on your right hand side. 
  • To learn more about the reports you’re interested in, click “request” or if you’re looking at bundles, “select”.
  • Reports that are ready to be downloaded will live in the “Delivered reports” section
      • You can toggle between “all reports, basic reports, advanced reports, and report bundles” as you accumulate them over time.
  • To download your report, click “download report”

How to request a CLEAR report in platform:

  • To request a CLEAR report in platform using a segment, go into your list of choice
  • Then identify what segment you want to use.
      • Find the “Get CLEAR” button, and click it.
    • Fill in the portions of the form that are blank, then select what types of insights you want
  • Once you’re ready to submit it, click “generate CLEAR”
    • This will submit your request to our data team. Expect your report on the platform within 72 hours of submission.

If you have any questions, please email success@boodle.ai