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Guidon Section Overview

This is the area where we combine what you know with the predictive insights we can generate to tell you exactly which contacts to target.

Navigate to the Guidon section after logging in by clicking the brain in the left-hand navigation.

The Guidons section

  • Selecting the Guidons on the top left of the window will display all requested Guidons sorted from the top in the order of the newest to the oldest.

You can view, edit, or delete Guidons by clicking the three ellipses  and selecting an action. 

This will allow you to:
    • View: Selecting view brings you into your Guidon's Overview and Testing sections. 
    • Edit: Rename and add/edit the description for that specific Guidon
    • Delete: Remove a Guidon that is no longer needed. A prompt will verify that you want to delete it. 
Find a complete walkthrough Using the Guidon Platform section of our Knowledge Base.

The Datasets Section               

  • The Datasets section displays the associated datasets used to build each of the predictions. Select the Expander Arrow to see details about the dataset  
  • You can Edit or Delete Predictions by selecting the three ellipses and selecting an action: 
    • Edit:  Rename and add/edit the description for that specific Prediction
    • Delete: Remove a dataset that is no longer needed. 

Next Step: You're almost finished with the Overview! Go to the next step: Organization Settings Overview article.