Requesting a HEAR Report

Looking for a step by step of how to request a HEAR report? HEAR it is (get it? we laughed)!

  • To request a HEAR report, go into your list of choice and identify two segments:
    • A positive segment: The contact segment containing donors/responders/buyers.
    • A negative segment: The contact segment containing non-donors/non-responders/non-buyers.
  • Once you have those two segments identified, go to the enriched analytics page, and click on the request button for the HEAR report:
    • Fill out the information
    • And copy and paste the appropriate links to the positive segment and the negative segment.
    • For the KPI Column, this is typically a first-party data field that you want to compare alongside response rate/donation rate/etc. If it is numerical we will show the average per demographic. If it is categorical we will show the most common category per demographic.
    • Select the fields you’d like to report on, and once you’re ready, click ‘Generate HEAR’!

If you have any other questions, please email