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What is a Historical Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) and How to Request it

Discover the data you need to prepare for the report.

Historicals Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) enables you to analyze the results and performance of your past campaigns in more depth than ever before. 

By leveraging our enrichment capabilities, the report provides analytics on response rate (donation rate, conversion rate, close rate, etc.) and average transaction amount (donation amount, spend amount, etc.) across multiple dimensions - including demographics, industry, location, financial signals, giving/spending capacity, and more.

This way, you can understand which campaign recipients were genuinely engaged and took action and get a fuller picture of who they are, informing and improving subsequent outreach.

What you need to Request a HEAR: 

Ensure you have the following information ready and open your One (1) CSV or Excel Results File from a campaign containing:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address 
  • Email Address
  • Customer ID or Donor ID (from your CRM)
  • An indication of responders 
  • An indication of non-responders 
  • Spend amount or Donation amount of responders (if applicable)

How to request a HEAR: 

  1. To request a HEAR, go into your list of choices and identify two segments:
    • A positive segment: The contact segment containing donors/responders/buyers.
    • A negative segment: The contact segment containing non-donors/non-responders/non-buyers.
  2. Once you have those two segments identified, go to the enriched analytics page, and click on the request button for the HEAR report:
    • Fill out the information
    • Copy and paste the appropriate links to the positive and negative segments.
    • For the KPI Column, this is typically a first-party data field that you want to compare alongside response rate/donation rate/etc. If it is numerical, we will show the average per demographic. We will deliver the most common category per demographic if it is categorical.
    • Select the fields you’d like to report on, and once you’re ready, click ‘Generate HEAR’!

If you have any other questions, please email success@boodle.ai.