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High Value Donor Optimization Bundle

Make Your Major Gift Network Even More Major with These Easy Steps.

Increase the frequency of major gift donations and attract more high value donors by uncovering their behaviors and preferences. Explore the areas of interest that are most important to your strategy including:

  • The personas of current donors
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for high value donors and donation types

Achieve your goals and magnify your cause by strategically attracting high value donors with your messaging.

Starting with your current donor and donation data, boodleAI delivers a personalized report bundle that is geared to give you a lift in your return. The package includes a Donor CLEAR, a High Value Donor DEAR, and a Donation Type DEAR.  

How This Helps You

What are the Data Requirements for this Bundle? 

  • Data requirements for the CLEAR:

    One (1) CSV or Excel Donor File containing first name, last name, address and/or email, donor ID (e.g. from your CRM) of each donor. 
    • Please also include any additional data of your own that would be helpful for segmentation purposes (e.g. high value donor or major donor labels).
  • Data requirements for the DEARs:

    One (1) CSV or Excel Transactional File (one row per donation), containing:
    • Required:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Address and/or email
      • Donation Date
      • Donation Amount
      • Donor ID (e.g. from your CRM)
    • Preferred (but optional):
      • Method of Acquisition
      • Donation ID
      • Donation Type
      • First Donation Date
      • Date of Initial Outreach
      • Cost of Acquisition

If you do not collect some of the required or preferred data fields or have any questions, please let us know so we can determine the best next steps.

To ensure the accuracy of your reports, please make sure your file is prepared in accordance with our Data Pre-Processing Guide. If you would like to skip that step and have us prepare your data for you, enquire by emailing success@boodle.ai