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How Guidon by boodleAI Works

People Focused Predictive Analytics Made Simple

Step 1: Customers Upload a Contact List

Customers export records from their existing databases into a CSV file, then upload each record's first name, last name, email address OR physical address, OR phone number into Guidon. Find more detailed instructions in the Importing Your First Contact List article.

upload contact list

Step 2: Guidon Provides Predicted Prospect Insights

Guidon matches each record to databases of 220M adult Americans with over 500 individual data points and uses a combination of algorithms and AI/Machine learning to provide predictive insights into the contact list.  

Step 3: Customers Create Predictions

Using either our prebuilt Instant Predictions or use your Custom Guidons, you can create predictions from a Contact List revealing actionable insights.

Next Step: Learn how the Guidon interface looks and works in our Brief Overview of the Platform Section article.