How to Build a Better Audience

Our prospecting services rely on the most up to date information on your best donors. We've detailed the best practices for you to pull your best audience together below:

  1. During your onboarding process we will decide what your audience will look like, this will decide what data you will need to provide to use. For example, if you want to obtain an audience that is most like your Annual Fund Donors, you will need to provide us data on those donors. If you want to create an audience based on your regular monthly donors, you would provide us data for that group of donors. 
  2. Create a CSV file that includes the following information (The more data that we have regarding these donors the better your audience will be.)
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Mailing Address
    4. Phone Number
    5. Email
    6. Social Handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (if you have them)
  3. Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a secure dropbox link where you can upload your CSV file. Once the file is uploaded, the CS team will be notified and will continue with the audience creation process.
  4. Once your data is provided the Customer Success Team will enrich that data in our Guidon platform, create a custom model based on the persona of that group of donors, then an audience will be created that closely mirrors the affinities of those donors.

Best practices:

  • A refresh of the data used to create your audiences is suggested quarterly. This will ensure we are using the most up to date information on your donors to construct your audiences. 
  • During your onboarding session for prospecting the CS team will ask you about what plans your organization has for the next 3-6-9 months. This way we can plan out your audiences for the foreseeable future. This will allow you to be very specific with your audiences, for example you can create an audience based on your annual fund donors if you are going to be doing a campaign specifically for attracting those types of donors. We can create an audience based on any type of donor that you’d like to, it all depends on the data that you provide to us to use.
  • We cannot stress enough the importance of providing match back conversion data so a match back report can be generated. These reports compare the audience to the people that have made donations/ signed up/ made a purchase (this depends on your success criteria) and determine what percentage of those came from our audience. This process allows boodle to show you the ROI of these prospecting services.