How to Create Custom Models and Predictions

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Summary: Create a Custom Model by clicking on the guidon tab and clicking the "New Guidon" button on the top right side corner.


1. To create a Custom Guidon, go to the "guidon" button on the left sidebar:

guidon tab -1

2. Then click the button, "New Guidon":

new guidon button-1

3. Name your guidon:

name your guidon (1)

4. Upload your training data:

upload training data-1

5. Then map all the data points (if you don't have a field for a dataset, map it as "metadata"):

mapping meta data-1-1

6. Then press "Continue", and proceed to add your negative training data (optional). Adding negative training data will help train Guidon to be more precise:

negative data-2

7. Repeat the same mapping process for your negative data (if you have it), and click "Next" once you're ready:

mapping negative data

8. Then review your guidon and click, "Create Guidon" and then "Understood":


9. Once your Guidon is ready to be reviewed, you can click on it:

custom guidon

10. To view your results, click on the "Testing" tab at the top of the guidon model:


To evaluate your testing results, see How to Evaluate a Custom Guidon


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