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What is a CONTRAST Report and how to Request it

Everything you'll need to request a Contrast Report, including required data and where to go

A Contrast Report is created using two or more of your contact list segments and enables you to compare multiple segments across contact lists as well as the general population to discover the real significance between datasets. Easily see how your customer/donor insights compare and CONTRAST to best understand your key leads/prospects and what makes them tick.

Requesting a Contrast 

After logging into the Guidon Platform, there are a couple of places where you can request a Contrast report. 

From the Contact Lists Summary Page

From the Contact Lists Summary Page, simply click "Get CONTRAST" . You'll then be redirected to the Contrast request form where you'll just need to fill in some required information. 

From the Analytics Page 

You can also request a Contrast Report from the Analytics Page, which is a one stop shop for all our reports. By clicking 'Get CONTRAST' you'll be redirected to the request form. 

Once you're on the Contrast request form, you'll need to provide your choices for the three segments you'd like to compare. To provide your choices, complete the below two steps for each of the three segments (so 6 steps total):

1. Write in a title for each segment (this is the label we will use to distinguish between each of the three segments in the report).

2a. Select the segments to be compared. Click the drop down arrow and select from the options 

2b. IF you select 'Contact List Segment', another field will appear where you'll need to provide the Contact List Name in which the segment is located, the Segment Name, and a link to the segment from the platform. 

To find the segment link, navigate to the platform (don't close the Contrast Request Form) and click into the relevant Contact List. Then, ensure that you click the relevant segment, and copy the entire URL. Then navigate back to the Contrast Request Form, and paste. 

Once you have completed the above for the three segments, select which attributes you'd like to have the segments compared by. In addition to the standard attributes, you have the choice to compare by Custom Predictions and your own contact list data. 

Click 'Generate CONTRAST' to submit your request.