How to Use Custom Predictions

Custom predictions are scores assigned to your prospects so you can quickly and easily identify the most viable ones.

How to Add Custom Predictions to a Contact List

Applying custom predictions is just like applying basic or advanced predictions. 

  • In your preferred segment click on the “contacts” tab
  • Click “Add Attributes”
  • And move over to the “custom predictions” section
  • Select which custom prediction(s) you'd like applied to your contacts
  • And then press “add”

Filter Custom Predictions 

  • To filter custom predictions, go over to the contacts section of your segment of choice.
  • Find the filtering button to the right of the “add attributes button” and click on it.
    • You’ll be met with a drawer window that has all your applied models in it.
  • You can use the A/B/C/D letters or use the slider to define your desired cut-off. 

View and Sort Custom Model Scores 

  • After you’ve applied your predictions to your segment of choice, you can view them in the contacts tab.
  • You can click the arrows at the top to toggle between highest to lowest, numerical order, and alphabetical order