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boodleHow: Use Custom Predictions

Custom predictions are scores assigned to your prospects so you can quickly and easily identify the most viable ones.

How to Add Custom Predictions to a Contact List

Applying custom predictions is just like applying basic or advanced predictions. 

Step One: In your preferred segment click on the “Contacts” tab and click “Add Attributes”

Step Two: Move to the Custom Predictions Section and select which custom predictions you would like applied to your contacts and click "add"


Filter Custom Predictions 

Step One: go over to the contacts section of your segment of choice. Click on the "add attributes button".

Step Two: Choose the segments you would like to filter:



Note: You can use the A/B/C/D letters or use the slider to define your desired cut-off. 


 View and Sort Custom Model Scores 

  • After you’ve applied your predictions to your segment of choice, you can view them in the contacts tab and click the arrows at the top to toggle between highest to lowest, numerical order, and alphabetical order