Using Personas

Personas help you target specific contacts in segments based on their demographics, financial signals, and top interests.

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Potential Uses for Personas

1. Developing Ideal Donor Profiles / Ideal Customer Profiles.  

Personas provide a ready-made Ideal Donor Profile / Ideal Customer Profile.  Upload a contact list of contacts representing the ideal donors / ideal customers, and Guidon will automatically generate a persona you can use 

2. Comparing Contact List Segments

Personas provide an easy way to compare two different contact list segments.  This is especially useful when segmenting using Basic/Advanced Predictions such as Predicted Generation or First-Party Data (such as lifetime giving/purchases).  Examples:

  • Repeat Customers vs. Non-Repeat Customers
  • Major Gift Donors vs. Non-Major Gift Donors
  • High-Value Customers vs. Low-Value Customers
  • Active Donors vs. Lapsed Donors
  • Portfolio Donors vs. Nonportfolio Donors
  • Donors to Different Campaigns
  • Buyers of Different Products

3. Targeting Online Ad Purchases

Personas provide the information necessary to target online ads better. For example, upload a contact list of recent buyers/donors, and the data from the resulting Persona can be used to purchase ads seen by the same demographic. 

4. Direct Mail List Purchases / Rentals

Personas provide information that can be used to purchase/rent better targeted direct mail lists. For example, once uploaded, a contact list of recent buyers/donors and the data from the resulting Persona can be used to purchase or rent direct mail lists of similar individuals. 

For more information on Personas, select Primary and Secondary Personas, or you can move forward to the next topic, Insights.