How to Manage Contact Lists and Use Tags

Mischief... Managed. Use tags and the bulk manager in your contact list section to keep life... a little tidy.


Managing Contact Lists using the Bulk Manager

Using the bulk manager will help you make big organizational moves in your account, quickly. The bulk manager is at the top of your contact lists:

From left to right, we have the 'Select All' square, the 'Tag' button, and the 'Delete' button.

  • 'Select All' Square: This allows you to select all  of your contact lists, making it easy to delte them or tag them
  • 'Tag' Button: This allows you to bulk tag and bulk un-tag as needed. Simply check or un-check the boxes next to the tags you want or do not want as needed.

  • 'Delete' Button: This allows you to bulk delete any contact lists you don't need anymore (be careful! This is irreversible!)

What are Tags?

We made tags to help you organize your contact lists. Make tags like "Events" to organize your event lists, "Prospects" for all your prospect lists, and more! Whatever fits your needs.

How Do I Make Tags?

Making a tag is super easy. Go into your contact lists and you'll find the tag manager on the right-hand side:

Step 1: Identify a group or commonality in your lists (i.e., Events, monthly purchasers or donors, donor lists, customer lists, prospect lists, etc.)

Step 2: Click the "Add Tag" button:

Step 3: Name your tag and click "Save".

Voila! Your tag is made.

Managing Tags:

When you've gone a little "tag crazy" (it's possible, we've seen it!), fear not! Use the handy dandy tag manager to delete or re-name any tags:

You can re-name, delete, and search for tags:

How to Add a Tag to a Contact List

Step 1: Click the "tag" on whichever contact list you'd like to tag:

Step 2: Tag and click on the tag in the tag manager to filter by that tag!