Importing Your First Contact List

This article will teach you how to complete your first contact list import.

A Contact List is a collection of records for which you want to receive a persona, insights, and predictions. This is where all of the contact lists are uploaded and stored, where you can create and edit Segments, and where you will learn about our valuable insights from those contacts. 

  1. The first step in creating a contact list from your CRM is exporting your contacts list into a CSV file. This file needs to consist of at least the following:
    • First Name and Last Name (or Full Name)
    • Email address OR physical address OR phone number for each contact record. 
  2. Once that list is exported with those fields, it's ready to be imported to Guidon. Log in to Guidon Dashboard and select "Contact Lists" from the left-hand navigation bar. 
  3. In the top right corner of "Contact Lists," click the "Add Contact List" button.

  4. Drag and drop the CSV file of the contact list, or click anywhere within the grey dotted box to upload the contact list file. 

  5. The next step is to map the data fields to make sure all data gets accounted for. For data with no matching field, select "Unmapped." When a field is labeled as Unmapped, it will save the information from that column as-is. After mapping the column headers, press the blue Continue button.

  6. After clicking "Continue," the page will return to the "Upload Contacts" page. The filename will be under the import dialogue box, and the "Next" button will now be blue. Select the "Next" button to move to the next step, naming the contact list.

  7. Provide the contact list with a name relevant to the data inside. Enter the unique name of the contact list in the "Contact List Name" box.  Included is an area to put any descriptions to provide additional information about the list and the contents. Click "Next" to get the Summary Screen to review the dataset and contact list name.

  8. It's the last step!  Review the contact list, description, and file name. If it all matches, click "Enrich Contacts" and select "Understood." The import will take time, depending on the number of records and imported data. 

  9. Once the contact list is ready, you will be sent an email from that the data is complete!   The Contact list section will now look similar to this:

Note: There is a 100,000 contact record limit for importing. If the import is larger than 100,000 records, you will need to break it into two lists.

This article defines what needs to be imported, but there is more to know! We've developed another article to dive into some tips and tricks for importing Contact Lists. If you have trouble or want to learn more, visit our How To Add a Contact List article or Tips and Tricks for Adding a Contact List in the Deeper Dive Section.

Next Step: Now that the contact list is imported, let's look at the  Basic Predictions that can be applied to your contacts.