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New Customer Acquisition Optimization Bundle

Attract the Clients You've Been Longing For with These Easy Steps.

Increase awareness and attract the attention of prospective customers by knowing the demographics and affinities of your current customers. Receive a detailed report containing:

  • Personas of current customers
  • Personas, insights, and analytics for new, fastest new, and emerging customers

From there, you are equipped to target prospective customers who are most likely to convert to loyal clients. 

Starting with your current customers and sales data, boodleAI delivers a bundle including your personalized Customer CLEARNew Customer SEARFastest New Customer SEAR, and Emerging Customer SEAR.  

What are the Data Requirements for this Bundle? 

  • Data requirements for the CLEAR:

    One (1) CSV or Excel Customer File containing first name, last name, address and/or email, and customer ID of each individual. 
    • Please also include any additional data of your own that would be helpful for segmentation purposes.
  • Data requirements for the SEARs:

    One (1) CSV or Excel Transactional File (one row per item), containing:
    • Required:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Address and/or email
      • Transaction Date
      • Item Unique Identifier (SKU, Name, etc.)
      • 2 out of the 3 following: Item Quantity, Item Price, Item Subtotal
      • Referral Date (Date of Initial Outreach) 
      • Customer ID 
                  • Preferred (but optional):
                    • Method of Acquisition
                    • Transaction ID
                    • First Purchase Date
                    • Item Cost or Margin 

                        Please note that each item of every order should be on a separate line. Contact Information should be contained on each line. 

                        If you do not collect some of the required or preferred data fields or have any questions, please let us know so we can determine the best next steps.

                        To ensure the accuracy of your reports, please make sure your file is prepared in accordance with our Data Pre-Processing Guide. If you would like to skip that step and have us prepare your data for you, enquire by emailing sucess@boodle.ai

                        How This Helps You  

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