How to Use Organization Data in Guidon

Bringing in your organization's data can help segment your lists, and compare your own data with boodles' predictions instant.

For example, you can use your organization's data to bring in: gift/purchase date to identify lapsed donors/customers, gift/ purchase amounts to see who your highest value constituents are and your lowest value are, then using giving/spending capacity to adjust purchasing expectations and gift asks. 

How to:

  • Click on your list of choice
  • Then go to your segment of choice
  • Click on the contacts tab and click “add attributes”
    • You have three options: custom guidons, instant guidons and org data.
    • To bring your first party data into the platform, click on the org data tab
      • Then click add organizational data.
      • You’ll be prompted with a mapping screen similar to the screen when you upload a contact list
  • You can map data types as “categorical, date, currency, number, or score”
  • Once you select your categories, press “continue”
    • When you want to apply it to your list click the check box in your org data attribute screen and click “Add”
  • To edit your organization data, click the “add more organizational data” button 
  • Find the fields you’ve mapped and click edit next to the ones you want to change.
  • then click continue
    • Your new field will be updated.