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boodleHow: Use Organization Data in Guidon to create a Segment

How to use your organization's data to segment your lists and compare your own data with boodles' instant predictions.

Understanding your data is the key to better outreach, messaging, and finding those hidden gems. In the steps listed below, we define the process for creating customized segments to focus on very specific information that is relevant to your needs.   

How to:

  1. Login to the Guidon platform my navigating to https://my.boodle.ai 
  2. Select Contact Lists  ()from the left hand navigation pane.
  3. Find the contact list you would like to segment, select the down arrow and select Duplicate Segment 
  4. Click on the new segment you just created and select the Segment Filters adjustment dials. 
  5. In the window that pops open from the right, select Add Attributes
  6. A new window will open showing you all the possible attributes you can add to this segment:
  7. Select the Grey Your Data tab, then click the blue + Add Organizational Data to add your organizations specific data.
  8. You’ll be prompted with a mapping screen similar to the screen when you upload a contact list. You can map data types as “categorical, date, currency, number, or score” once you assign Data Types to the organizational data you want to import , click the blue Add button to apply it to your list. 

    data type

  9. You'll now see your organizations specific information in the Add Attributes screen.  Adjust accordingly and select Save once you are finished.

Pro Tip:. We recommend Locking the original segment to keep the list all original. Duplicate the list by clicking on the down arrow next to the