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Organization Settings Overview

One place to go to view Usage Summary, Available Credits, Users and API Keys.

The Settings page is split into three parts: Usage, Users, and API Keys. Read below for details about each of the sections:


  • The Usage view is divided into three sections and lets you know how many reports have been run, the available credits, and the Usage Details.
    • Usage Summary: This table provides a breakdown of the amounts and rates associated with the activities performed withing the Guidon platform
    • Available Credits: Displays the Prepaid Credits available and provides a link to buy additional credits if you need more.
    • Usage Detail: A historical breakdown of all of the activities performed in the Guidon platform and the dates associated with them.


  • Use this section to add or remove users from your account
    • Select the blue Add User button to bring up the User Details dialogue box. Provide the user's Name and Email address, and they will receive a link created their account in your organization's Guidon platform.
    • To delete a user, select the   to the right of the users name.  A confirmation box will pop up asking you to confirm the action to delete the user. Select the red Delete button to confirm.

If you're having trouble changing your user settings, please contact us at success@boodle.ai

API Keys

  • Guidon's API tool gives boodle.AI customers the power to get enriched insights from the information already in your CRM application. For example, you can upload your contacts into Guidon, then download basic, advanced and custom prediction scores back into your CRM using our API tool.
  • To read more detailed articles about utilizing our API to simplify the upload of contacts and downloading predictions directly into your CRM, head over to our Developer Section

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