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Use Case: Repeat Donor Optimization

Learn how repeat donors differ from other segments and how to generate more

Improve repeat donor acquisition using the Personas of current donors and the Personas, insights, and analytics for your repeat donors & fastest repeat donors. 

You'll Need: 

  • A current donor CLEAR

  • A repeat donor CLEAR

Once you've created a CLEAR for your entire contact list, filter down to just your "Repeat Donors." 

You can use whatever timeline & attributes make the most sense for you - make sure it represents the donors you would like to target. Then, save and name that segment "Repeat Donors," then request a CLEAR report for that group. 

By comparing your complete donor list with your repeat donors, you'll begin to uncover what makes your repeat donors unique. For example, they may have a different generational breakdown, or perhaps they are the complete opposite of your typical donor. Whatever the comparison brings to light, those differences will be the key to targeting more of them.

Got it - Now What? 

Once you understand the key differentiators for this group, use that insight to: 

  • Target marketing and ad buys aimed at the repeat donor persona & their lookalike locations

  • Adjust messaging and primary channel of communication to align with the repeat donor persona

  • Adjust targeted asks based on wealth rating & giving/spending capacity

  • Leverage persona demographics to optimize the purchasing of prospect lists

How were you able to leverage your CLEAR report? Let us know at success@boodle.ai