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boodleHow: Using Segments

Segments are the key to breaking up data and looking at contacts in different contexts.

What are Segments?

Segments are tabs at the top of your contact list that allow you to subdivide data in any way you see fit. 

What can you do with Segments?

Segments make viewing and reading your data easy.

Step One: To add segments, you will follow these easy steps:

      1. Navigate to the Contacts List on the left-hand navigation,
      2. Select the desired contacts lists,
      3. Click the "+" button, as shown below.

Step Two: Select the little drop-down arrow and begin. 

  • Duplicate Segment: You'll get a carbon copy replica of whatever segment you wish to duplicate
  • Rename Segment: Rename any segment to make it more suitable to your segment
  • View Description: Viewing the description will bring out the filtering folder. If you want to view, change, or add a description, you can do so on the far right.
  • Download Segment: Downloading a segment allows you to export the part you've been working on to enable you to action your insights immediately. When you click 'download segment,' you'll be prompted by the below. Select your options of choice, then click download.

  • Lock Segment: When you lock a segment, you'll be able to protect your filters, so they aren't changeable till someone goes to unlock them. When your segment is locked, it'll look like this:

  • Save as Segment Template: If you plan on using segments or models regularly, save them as a template. When you click ''save as a segment template' you'll be prompted with the below:

Your segment template will be saved in your contact list menu here, where you can edit it:

And you can apply the template to segments by clicking the '+' button and selecting 'segment template':

Then you'll be prompted by this screen, where you can select your template and continue:

Add a description and press 'save.'  The dataset will be waiting when you are ready to use it to build a custom prediction. 

Once you've selected your dataset, you can hit 'next' and continue the building process.

  • Delete Segment: If you want to delete a segment, you can click the 'delete segment' option in the menu! Just beware, once you delete a segment, there's no way of getting it back.