How to use Segments

Segments. Making segments, locking segments, describing segments, duplicating segments, and more.


What are Segments?

Segments are tabs at the top of your contact list, which allow you to splice and dice your data, any way you want.

What can you do with Segments?

Skies the limit here at boodle, but segments make everything possible. You can add segments by clicking the "+" button.

When you click on the little arrow next to any segment, you'll get a drop-down like the below.

  • Duplicate Segment: You'll get a carbon copy replica of whatever segment you wish to duplicate
  • Rename Segment: Rename any segment to make it more suitable to your segment
  • View Description: Viewing the description will bring out the filtering folder. If you want to view, change, or add a description you can do so on the far right

  • Download Segment: Downloading a segment allows you to export the segment you've been working on to allow you to action your insights immediately. When you click 'download segment' you'll be prompted by the below. Select your options of choice, then click download.

  • Lock Segment: When you lock a segment, you'll be able to protect your filters so they aren't changeable till someone goes to unlock them. When your segment is locked, it'll look like this:

  • Save as Segment Template: Saving a segment template is a great idea if you plan on using specific filters and models regularly. When you click ''save as a segment template' you'll be prompted with the below:

Your segment template will be saved in your contact list menu here where you can edit it:

And you can apply the template to segments by clicking the '+' button and selecting 'segment template':

Then you'll be prompted by this screen, where you can select your template and continue:

  • Export as Dataset: This is similar to segment templates, only when you export as a dataset, you can use the dataset as positive or negative training data to build custom guidons. When you click 'export dataset', you'll be prompted with the following:

You can add a description and press 'save'. Then when you're ready to build your custom guidon, the dataset will be waiting for you here:

Once you've selected your dataset, you can hit 'next' and continue with the guidon building process.

  • Delete Segment: If you want to delete a segment, you can do so by clicking the 'delete segment' option in the menu! Just beware once you delete a segment, there's no way of getting it back.