How to Use Basic and Advanced Predictions

Create predictions instantly.

Summary: Make a new prediction by using any of the basic or advanced predictions immediately available to you in the Guidon.

What are Basic and Advanced Predictions? 

Before reading the rest of this article, we suggest getting familiar with our Basic and Advanced Predictions - what they are, and what's included in each category. 

How to Add Basic/Advanced Predictions:

  • To apply a basic and/or advanced  prediction to a segment, go to the contacts tab inside your segment of choice
  • Click “Add Attributes”
  • And move over to the “Instant predictions” section
  • Expand whichever sections are of interest to you, 
  • Click the checkboxes for the predictions you’d like applied to your contacts 
  • And then press “add”

Filtering Basic/Advanced Predictions:

  • To filter basic and/or advanced predictions, go over to the contacts section of your segment of choice.
  • Find the filtering button to the right of the “add attributes button” and click on it. 
    • You’ll be met with a drawer window that has all your models in it.
  • Giving / Spending: You can use the slider to change $ cut-offs, the above and below drop down to change how you’re filtering people (for example, you want to see who has the smallest giving/spending capacity) 
  • Wealth rating: You can use the A/B/C/D letters to define cut-offs, or you can use the slider. You can also use the above and below drop down, and the cut-off number as well.
  • Preferred Channel: You can use the checkboxes to include categories you want in the segment
  • State Affinity: You can use the dropdown to also select categories.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your filters, go to the top right corner and click “save” your new settings will be applied!

View and Sort Basic/Advanced Predictions:

  • After you’ve applied your predictions to your segment of choice, you can view them in the contacts tab.
  • You can click the arrows at the top to toggle between highest to lowest, numerical order, and alphabetical order