What is Predicted Fit?

How the records help you.

The predicted fit score shows how much a contact will work (or fit) with an organization. The score is based on how similar these are to past or current individuals who fit into the organization. 
It's a simple metric; the higher the score, the higher the confidence boodleAI has that the record is similar to past and current individuals. The higher the score, the likelier the contact is to buy the product or donate the money. Thus, these fits are typically worth the effort to contact.
This doesn't mean that the score itself is how likely the contact is to invest money or time, 90% predicted fit score does not mean 90% likely to purchase. Instead, look at it like this contact fits well within your contacts. 
This also doesn't mean that a low-scoring contact is not a fit; the contact may lack data or fidelity to the features selected by the model. boodleAI works hard to weed out false positives so that you can trust the high numbers, but this strict data set makes the false negatives more likely. 
Custom Scores are generated by Custom Predictions created from the organization's first-party data combined with third-party data.  
Basic and Advanced Scores are generated by Basic and Advanced Predictions created from third-party data. 
If you have additional questions about predicted fit scores, please contact us at success@boodle.ai.

Bottom line: when Guidon predicts that a prospect is good, you can trust that. It's worth noting that there are also good prospects in the lower-scored records (but they are buried in many true negatives).