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How to Engage Fundraisers

This article will outline strategies to engage your fundraisers who have recently adopted boodleAI.

Congratulations, you have fundraisers that have adopted boodleAI to raise more money and ask new people for donations – now what? How do we set them up to be top fundraisers for your organization? Here are a few of our favorite best practices:

Welcome communication – this is one of the most important touch points for your fundraisers. This is a time to thank them and motivate them to use the platform.

  • Welcome call – you will only be activating a specific number of fundraisers so we highly recommend you pick up the phone and call them. Introduce yourself and welcome them to the platform. Ask if they have any questions and provide them with the contact information should they need help.
  • Welcome email – this personal communication should be sent within 48 hours of registration. Thank them, tie them to impact, provide tools, CTA, POC.
  • Organize an on-boarding event - Getting everyone on the same page can bring camaraderie and spirit to your boodleAI campaign. Organize an even where people can come to one place, both physically or virtually, to login to the platform and send out emails. A wine and cheese boodle kickoff is a favorite of ours!

Check in regularly with your fundraisers both one-on-one and as a group

  • Inactive Users - As you get started you will notice that some people will need more support than others. We define an inactive user as someone who has registered and not taken any action (i.e. uploaded their contacts, sent any emails) or someone that has not received any donations. Reach out to these constituents via email and find out how you can help support them – you can also share tips and next steps.
  • Create a Tribe - Fundraisers want to feel connected to your mission and to other people who support your organization. We recommend creating a boodle group that you communicate regularly with to share fundraiser stories and successes, provide more information on their impact, recognize top fundraisers, share tips and best practices and celebrate when they collectively hit fundraising milestones. You may also want to recognize them on your social media sites.
  • Use the email copies we have created for you - This Help Center is loaded with email templates you can use to reach out to your fundraisers. Whether your fundraiser just got her first donation or your campaign is coming to an end, we have an email template for you to use.