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How to Ask Your Support Base to Fundraise with boodleAI

Use the email copy below to garner interest in using boodleAI in your upcoming campaign. After some personalization, send this out to a a segment of your supporters or the whole thing!

Subject Line ideas:

  • Are you in?
  • Looking for a few special supporters
  • Are you up for a challenge?
  • Calling all supporters
  • Looking for rock stars
  • We need your help
  • Can we help you raise money?


Hello ,

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support. Because of you… .

I am personally reaching out because we are looking for a few rockstar supporters to tap into their networks and raise money for our organization. That’s right, we are looking for fundraisers – could that be you?

Here is the good news – we will make it so easy for you to raise money on our behalf. When you sign up to fundraise you will get your very own website and fundraising assistant. Yep, we have an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant who will analyze your contacts and find the best people, those that look like our current donors, for you to reach out to and ask for a donation.

Getting started is as easy as replying to this email with “I’m in”. I will make sure you have all the information and resources to get started.

So, are you in?

Thank you!