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How to Create Predictions Using a Custom Guidon

It's easy. How easy?


Summary: If you've already created and tested your Custom Guidon, making your custom prediction is easy.


1. Go to the predictions tab and click on, "New Prediction", and name your prediction:

create prediction-1

2. Click, "Next" and select the Guidons you'd like to use, then press, "Next":

select guidons

3. Select your contact list then click "Next". Important: Do not select a contact list that contains records used to train the Custom Guidon. In other words, a record should not appear in both the positive training data set and the target data set.  Deduplicate those data sets so that a record appears in one or the other, but not both data sets. Here's an example of what a duplicate looks like (note: it won't say duplicate next to all the duplicates in your file):

4. Then review your prediction settings, and click "Run Prediction".

5. Click understood once you've read the pop-up, and your prediction will be ready shortly.

step 3 -1

6. Once your prediction is ready, you can view it in the prediction tab:

going into predictions


Made your prediction? Excellent, congratulations! Here's How to Use Predictions. If you have any more questions, e-mail us at success@boodle.ai