How To Review AI Contact Recommendations

After importing your contacts to your boodle account, our AI will give you recommendations on who to reach out to for a donation. The AI uses your organization's donor base and looks for similarities in your network.

1. Make sure you have imported your contacts to the platform. As you import your different contact lists to boodle, the AI will begin to run in the background, making its recommendations on which of your individual contacts is more likely to donate to your cause. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of contacts you have connected to your boodle account. 

2. Once that is done, your recommendations will appear in your Fundraising Dashboard like this:

You will see your imported contacts listed, along with each email address you have saved for them, and the recommendation that the AI has given each individual (i.e. 'More Likely', 'Likely' and 'Less Likely.')

Ultimately, this is your boodle account, so it is your decision as to which of the recommended contacts that you send messages to. The AI’s role is to give you insights into the value of your personal networks, and guide you on where to most effectively focus your fundraising efforts. 

3. Click the 'Profile' button to see more insights for each individual in your recommendations.

4. From the Profile, you can click 'Compose' if you would like to send a fundraising email to that specific individual.

Remember that email personalization is key in crafting an effective fundraising email. Even adding one or two sentences at the beginning of your email that address the recipient on a personal note makes all the difference. boodle takes the guesswork out of P2P fundraising. Instead of sending a mass email out to everyone you can think of, boodle finds the people in your network who are the most likely to donate, so that you can focus your efforts on making inspiring, personalized asks to the people who are most likely to make a difference for your cause.