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How to Select Fundraisers to use boodleAI

Selecting fundraisers for your upcoming campaign? Please use the information below to help you find the right fundraisers to get the most out of boodleAI

Selecting your fundraisers:

Fundraisers on boodleAI can be racers, board members, DIYers, event committee members, the list goes on. Below are a few examples of events and examples of ideal fundraisers for those events:

1. Races, Bikes, Walks

Your superstar P2P fundraisers from past races can supercharge their efforts by using boodleAI to further identify potential donors.

2. Galas

If you are having a gala and want to drive ticket attendance, boodleAI is a great way to get your supporters to the event. Simply create an email template with a link to the event sign up page and unleash your board, staff, and top supporters with boodleAI.

3. Capital Campaigns

A multi-year capital campaign is a great way to use your board to engage their contacts. Each board meeting, set aside a half hour to have everyone log in and send out ten emails each. If ten board members do this quarterly, 400 warm emails are now going out per year to highly recommended contacts!

4. One-day Events

Host a boodleAI Party! Invite top supporters for a wine and cheese party at the office on a special day (Giving Tuesday for example) and provide everyone with a login. Set a goal of 20 emails per person and you are off to the races!

5. More ideas from you!

The use of boodleAI is only limited by the imagination. We welcome ideas from you and would love to hear your success stories!