How To Send Smart Messages

A SMART message is a template you can use for a quick message to a potential donor. These messages were crafted by the organization for you. You can also add your personal touch to these before sending out to a potential donor.

1. To send an email to one of your recommended contacts, you'll first need to click into their Profile. 


2. From their Profile, click 'Compose' to open the email editor. 


3. Once the email editor pops up, click 'Smart Message' on the left hand side. 

4. Select the message length, tone, and enthusiasm you would like to use. Then click 'Insert.' 

5. The Smart message will then appear. Just make sure to include a subject for the email, and a personalized note. The {CONTACT NAME} will auto-populate with the contact's name once the email sends. The {Donation URL will be inserted here} will be auto-populated with the campaign's donation URL once the email sends. 

6. Once you're happy with the email, click 'Send.' You can also save the email to your Message Templates if you want to use it again for future emails.