How to connect your NeonCRM Account to boodleAI

Connecting your NeonCRM account to boodleAI makes it easy to import training data for boodleAI’s recommendation model. The integration also ensures fundraising data is sent to your fundraisers boodleAI dashboard.

Once your accounts are connected, this integration work as follows:

  1. When a new campaign is created in boodleAI, donor training data will be loaded from NeonCRM into boodleAI to train the predictive recommendation model.
  2. When a new donation is entered in your NeonCRM account, the integration will send the donation transaction record to boodleAI to provide feedback to the fundraiser in the boodleAI fundraiser dashboard and the boodleAI admin portal.

Setting up the Integration in boodleAI

Note: before you set up the integration, your campaign must first be set up in NeonCRM

Step 1 - Enable your organization to use NeonCRM in boodleAI

  1. Log-in to your boodleAI account at
  2. On the top navigation menu, click 'Settings' to go to the Settings page
Screenshot 2019-05-20 10.36.04

3. On the left navigation menu, click 'Donor Databases' to go to the donor database page

Screenshot 2019-05-20 10.36.27

4. Click the 'Connect NeonCRM' button to the right of the 'Add Database' button.

DonorDB-conntect Neon-1

5. The NeonCRM Integration window will pop up. Enter your NeonCRM Organization ID and API Key. Please refer to the NeonCRM documentation on API keys to find and generate a key in your NeonCRM Account. Once you've found your API key and entered it in here, click the blue 'Connect' button, as shown in the image below.

Neon API Key

6. The NeonCRM integration is now enabled for your organization.

Step 2 - Set up your campaign in boodleAI

  1. On the top of the navigation menu, click 'Campaigns' to go to the campaign page
Screenshot 2019-05-20 10.37.03

2. Click the 'Create Campaign' button to create the campaign in boodleAI that you want to link with your campaign in NeonCRM. The campaign details page will be displayed.

Step 3 - Integrate with NeonCRM in your Campaign

  1. Fill out the general information required for your campaign. The key elements for connecting NeonCRM to your boodleAI campaign are the donor database and the donation page.
Screenshot 2019-05-20 10.37.41

2. In the donor database section, click the 'Select from Existing Database' button. A window will pop up for selecting the donor database you want to use. Click 'Select' to use the NeonCRM option as your donor database (NOTE: your organization must have been enabled as shown in Step 1).

Select Neon

3. You will return to the Campaign Details page with Neon database displayed in the Donation Database section.

neon db

4. For the donation page, select 'self hosted' and enter your donation page URL (i.e., the web address) provided by NeonCRM. The next section explains where to find the URL in NeonCRM.

5. Click the 'Save' button to complete the setup of your boodleAI campaign. The integration will begin to work as outlined in our Using NeonCRM Integration with boodleAI tutorial.

Locating the URL of your campaign donation page in NeonCRM
  • Log-in to your NeonCRM Account.
  • From the top navigation, go to Fundraising > Fundraising Campaigns.
  • From the list of campaigns, locate the campaign you want to link with boodleAI and click `View` under the `Action` column in front of the campaign name.
  • At the bottom of the `Basic Information` section, you will see an entry titled `Campaign Donation Form Link`.
Screenshot 2019-05-20 10.39.44
  • Copy the entire string including the `https` at the beginning and the `&` at the end. This is the URL to your donation page. You can paste it into the corresponding boodleAI data entry location.
What's Next?

Once your boodleAI campaign is connected to your NeonCRM account, the training of the recommendation model will begin. Your next step will be to invite your fundraisers to use the boodleAI platform to fundraise for your campaign. Please refer to this boodleAI Help Center article for how to invite fundraisers. Depending on the size of your donor database, the machine learning training could take minutes or hours. While the training is taking place, the invitation button will be disabled. Once the training is complete, the invitation button will be enabled for you to send out invitations.

If you have any questions or need assistance connecting your NeonCRM account to your boodleAI campaign, please refer to the boodleAI Help Center or contact us by sending an email to or using the boodleAI live chat.

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