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How to Use the Prospect Dashboard and Contact List Insights

Seeing is believing.


Summary: Your prospect dashboard includes things like "State Affinity", "Wealth Rating", "Giving Capacity Over 5 Years", "Gender", "Generational Breakdown" and more.

Welcome to your prospect dashboard! Here you'll find your prospect insights, a segmented view of your prospect data that gives you insights:

prospect dash overview-1

Let's break it down, shall we?

State Affinity

Here's your "State Affinity" segment. This segment predicts what state the people in your contact list have the largest affinity towards. This means they could reside there, have gone to college there, used to work in that state, or have a second home there, etc. Example: you're selling snow gear and you notice a large affinity to Colorado, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Wealth Rating and Giving Capacity

"Wealth Rating" predicts the net worth ranking of your prospect list. For example, anyone in the 81-100 bracket is usually a part of the wealthiest 20% of the country, and the lowest bracket is people who have a net worth between $-960 and $2k or $5k.

"Giving/Spending Capacity Over 5 Years" Giving Capacity is a projection of your prospects likely capacity to donate/spend over a 5 year period. This projection is calculated using the below factors:
Net worth
Home value
Value of luxury goods
Value of investments
Past donations (to any organization)

Gender and Education

The "Gender" segment predicts what gender your prospects will be (Male/Female). 

The "Education" segment predicts what level of education your prospects have received.

Generational Breakdown

"Generational Breakdown" predicts what generation your prospects are part of! This is probably one of the cooler segments we can visualize and can help you with messaging, content, and campaigns to yield maximum ROI.

Responds To...

This segment is all about what types of outreach your prospects are predicted to respond to. For example, in this data set, only 2% of prospects are predicted highly likely to respond via social media while 52% of prospects were predicted highly likely to respond to via e-mail. This is where we can help you save time. No more guessing what type of communication you should use to get the best ROI. 


See How to Create Predictions Using an Instant Guidon next! If you have any questions or still need help, please contact the boodleAI team at success@boodle.ai