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How to Alleviate Fundraiser Concerns

It's normal for some fundraisers to be hesitant about new transformative technology such as boodleAI. With a little bit of education and encouragement, these fundraisers can become your strongest and most successful advocates.

The nonprofits most successful with implementing game-changing technology do two things:

1. They proactively raise and address the below concerns with fundraisers  (primacy effect)

2. Their leadership leads by example by being the first to embrace new technology.


Fundraiser Concern: "I don't understand what boodleAI does" or "I want to know more about how boodleAI works"

Potential responses:

Fundraiser Concern: "boodleAI looks too complicated." or "I don't have time to learn how to use boodleAI"

Potential responses:

Fundraiser Concern: "I'm wary about sharing my contacts with boodleAI."

Potential responses: