How the integration between NeonCRM and boodleAI works

You will first need to connect your boodleAI campaign with your NeonCRM campaign. For more information, view the tutorial titled: "How to connect your NeonCRM Account to boodleAI" in the "Related Articles" section

How the Integration Works

Once your campaigns are connected, this integration will work as follows:

  1. Data from your donor database will be passed from NeonCRM into boodleAI to train the predictive recommendation model;
  2. When a new donation is captured in your NeonCRM account, the integration will send the donation record to boodleAI so that the donation will be displayed to the relevant fundraiser and in your boodleAI admin portal.

The integration works behind the scene. If you think that there is an issue with the integration, please email boodleAI support at or use the live chat by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right corner of this window.

Viewing the donation received in boodleAI admin portal

Donations generated by emails from boodleAI will be displayed in the admin portal. It will be incorporated into the stats at the organization dashboard, as well as at the campaign page

From the campaign page, you can further drill down to the fundraiser and donor level.

Note: tracking the donation to the email message is done by matching the name and email address collected from the donation transaction to those in the email message. In the event where a donation is made under a different name or email address from the original recipient, the integration may not be able to attribute the donation correctly.

Data Exchange

The integration between boodleAI and NeonCRM uses a combination of Webhooks and Direct API calls. The data that flows into boodleAI from NeonCRM consists of the following NeonCRM fields:

Donor record:

  • Account ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email 1
  • Email 2
  • Email 3
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

Donation Record:

  • Organization ID
  • Donation ID
  • Created Date and Time
  • Account ID
  • Donation Amount
  • Campaign ID
  • Donor Name

Notes: the above-mentioned fields represent all of the fields boodleAI uses as part of the integration. Additional fields may be included in the API response.

The integration does not send data into NeonCRM through the API. Donations generated from using boodleAI will be created in NeonCRM through the NeonCRM-hosted donation page or through the NeonCRM user interface.

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