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What are Predictions

Actionable Predictive Insights


Predictions are the result of applying either pre-built Instant Guidons or customer-created Custom Guidons to score or segment a Contact List. Customers use a Guidon to create predictions from a Contact List, revealing actionable insights.


  • Guidon helps you increase your odds of finding prospects that are a "fit" (precision), not at finding all prospects that are a fit (accuracy).  You can find all prospects that are a fit by simply actioning your entire prospect list, in which case you do not need to use Guidon to prioritize your prospect list.  (Guidon could be used in that case to segment a list for messaging or ask.)
  • Using your predictions is easy. Adjust your cut-off scores for Guidons based off how many actionable prospects you want. 
    • doing this will help you find the exact group of people you want to target.
  • Guidon is a tool best used to (1) identify "hidden gems" in a prospect list and/or (2) predict which segments are more likely to produce prospects that are a fit.  
    • When used to identify "hidden gems", you should combine Guidon's artificial intelligence predictions with human intelligence that understands context, can apply judgment and appreciates the value of relationships.  In examining predictions, you will certainly find prospects where your knowledge is superior to that of Guidon's prediction -- generally, if you know a prospect personally your information will be more detailed and up to date than what Guidon has access to.  Guidon's value is in identifying those prospects that you are not familiar with and would have otherwise gone unactioned.
    • When used to produce a segment for action, Guidon's power is in helping you place better "bets" on those prospects that, as a group, are more likely to produce ROI.  Within any segment, there will be prospects that fail to respond.
  • Guidon predictive power correlates close to its ability to correctly match records to real-world identities and the quality of the data available regarding the real-world identity.  The more information you can provide, the more likely Guidon is to make a correct match.

Ready to get some predictions? Great! Learn how to view predictions and how to create predictions using an instant guidon.  Once you have predictions, learn how to use them.  If you run into issues, see Commons Prediction Issues and Solutions