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What are Prospect Insights

Instant Predictive Insights Into Your Records


Once you upload a Prospect Group, Guidon matches each record to databases of 220M adult Americans, with over 500 data points on each person, and uses a combination of algorithms and AI/machine learning to provide predictive insights into the prospect group.  



Predictive Insights provided:

State with Highest Predicted Affinity: This predictive insight will show you what state your constituents have an affinity for. For example, if your prospect group is full of UCLA graduates, you're likely to see a high predicted affinity for the state of California. Other things that can impact your affinity score: association with a company's headquarters, home address, nonprofit organization affiliation, donation records, etc.

Predicted Gender: This insight is based on which binary genders your constituents associate with. 

Predicted Generation: This insight is based on the date of birth of your prospect group, which if not provided, is identified by third party data.

Predicted Education: This insight shows what level of education your prospects have attained. 

Predicted Wealth Rating: This insight demonstrates the level of wealth in your prospects based on all the assets belonging to a prospect. The scoring is from 5-100; anything 80 or above is considered a part of the top 20% of the wealthiest people in the country.

Predicted Giving Capacity: Giving Capacity is based on the prospect groups' donation history and donation size, and how they much they may give to your organization.

Predicted Responsiveness to Direct Mail, Phone, Email, Social Media, or SMS: This insight will demonstrate what mode of communication your prospect group is likely to respond to.