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What is Guidon by boodleAI?

Your People Focused Predictive Analytics Platform

boodleBot2-transparent-1Guidon is your self-service platform for finding the best prospects in any contact list.  It leverages boodleAI's people-focused predictive analytics engine that seamlessly integrates first-party customer/prospect data to high fidelity third-party data covering 550 fields of demographic, behavioral, and affinity attributes for 220 million American adults.

Guidon uses this combined data to build predictive models, called guidons, for targeting, scoring, and segmenting customer populations for desired behavioral responses. Our guidons excel in up-selling, new product/service launches, and setting optimal price points.


The Value of boodleAI 


What Guidon by boodleAI Provides

Predicted Prospect Insights

Predictive analytics about your prospect lists enriched with third party data generated using algorithms and/or machine learning.  Standard Prospect Insights include:

  • U.S. States with Highest Predicted Affinity
  • Predicted Wealth Rating
  • Predicted Giving/Spending Capacity Over 5 Years
  • Predicted Gender
  • Predicted Education
  • Predicted Generation
  • Predicted Responsiveness to Direct Mail, Phone, Email, Social Media, and SMS (Text)

Instant Guidons

Ready to use predictive models created from third party data using data science. Here's a full list of available Instant Guidons

Custom Guidons

Bespoke predictive models created from your organization's data enriched with billions of third party data points using AI/machine learning.  Examples of what you can create from your data:

  • Predict likely donors or customers
  • Predict high-value donors or customers
  • Predict recurring donors of customers

Instant and Custom Guidons can be applied to a Prospect Group to create Predictions. 

    Who uses Guidon by boodleAI

    Sales teams use Guidon to:

    • Prioritize most likely leads
    • Improve pipeline velocity
    • Eliminate low-value leads
    • Increase cross-selling and upselling
    • Reduce wasted resources

    Marketing teams use Guidon to:

    • Discover high value leads in current prospect lists
    • Improve message targeting
    • Segment and cluster current prospects
    • Improve direct mail efficiency


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